Sunday, May 31, 2015

Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair

Opens 1st of June

Amazing Event with 100s of stores, great bargains, exclusives and gifts for the whole month of June. Lots of fashion for enhanced girls with appliers.

Monday, May 11, 2015

uLukie Mesh body

uLukie Mesh body

I try to keep up to date with whats new on the market regarding bodies and boobs and this is the the lastest.
The new mesh body from ULukie (this is the thick), a good body if you like curves. this is worn with my shape that I wear with my maitreya, I am not a big fan on the boobs on it as in my opinion they don't go big enough to be in proportion to the bum size and looks a bit droopy so I am wearing here with my Sinful Needs Breasts which fit pretty good I think and give a very pleasing rounded figure. I have on my slink hands and feet, though you have to go to large on the slink hud to get a fit at the ankles and wrist and I can still see a bit of a line on the ankles. But for fans of larger ladies I think this will be a hit. There is a size smaller than I have on (thick) and two sizes bigger and 3 layers. Oh and the great news is if you bought the ghetto booty in the past, if you click on the updater in the store you get the body as a free update. (size depending on which size booty you bought previously) The store is located on the Omega Sim.
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Love and Best Wishes Rachel XXXX